Thursday, February 01, 2007

Waiting To Exhale Without Smoke--And Extra Pounds Chicago Tribune
    "When you're a smoker, you're talking about an average of between 300 and 600 trips to the mouth in a day," he says. "That's the traffic pattern. If you stop smoking, what is one of the earliest tips you hear? Put something in your mouth. It started with candy and gum, then for a few years we got healthy with carrots. Now it's non-consumables--straws, toothpicks." But he says those substitutes keep cravings alive. . . "A lot of people make radical change," he says. "That seems to be a prime contributor to difficulties. If you're quitting, it should be a very quiet ceremony, like putting a baby to sleep. You tiptoe away, you don't poke it and prod it."



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