Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just how does smoking harm my health?

[This was posted to AS3 so long ago that the source has been lost. If
anyone knows where this is from, please e-mail]

* Lung Cancer risk increases roughly 50 to 100 percent for each
cigarette you smoke per day;

* Heart Disease risk increases roughly 100 percent for each pack of
cigarettes you smoke per day;

* Switching to filter-tip cigarettes reduces the risk of Lung Cancer
roughly 20 percent, but does not affect the risk of Heart Disease;

* Smokers spend 27 percent more time in the hospital and more
than twice
as much time in intensive care units as nonsmokers;

* Each cigarette costs the smoker 5 to 20 minutes of life;

* A smoker is at twice the risk of dying before age 65 as a

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