Saturday, February 03, 2007


Here are some quotes from Elders on tobacco:

"If your parents smoke, you will smoke. If you and your girlfriend smoke, your children will smoke and suffer."

"Tobacco was seen by our people as a gift from the Creator which would enable us to communicate with him. We were given tobacco because it affected the way we were able to think. It would give us an immediate feeling of heightened awareness because the tobacco we inhaled was that strong. We were given knowledge to fashion a pipe with which we could take very small puffs of tobacco smoke. We would only take small puffs, and then we would immediately blow out the smoke because smoke was not meant to be taken into our body and held there. The smoke needed to leave us in order to rise to the Creator with our prayers and thoughts. If we held it in our body, it would be an unnatural presence there.

Immediately after taking the puff of smoke, our minds would race, and our whole body would be affected by this smoke since tobacco is a very powerful medicine. It has a specific purpose which must not be abused." - Elder Danny Musqua.



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