Friday, May 18, 2007

Reasons to quit smoking

To successfully quit smoking, you must be well-convinced of the validity of the decision. Start by making a list of the reasons why you want to quit smoking. You can then put this list in a visible spot.

Here is what some ex-smokers told us about their experience of quitting. Imagine the day when you can express the same point of view!
  • "I'm proud of myself."
  • "I feel the satisfaction of having won the battle."
  • "I don't impose my smoking on those around me."
  • "This valorizes me in the eyes of those around me." "My family is very pleased."
  • "I have more energy." " I am in better shape."
  • " I feel fresher when I wake up in the morning."
  • "I am less tired."
  • "I breathe better." "I can do sports more easily."
  • "I have rediscovered tastes and smells."
  • "I have more money available." "I save 25 Dollars a week (a fill-up at the gas station).
  • "I do not always have to think to bring cigarettes with me."
  • "I have better breath." "The smell on my clothes has disappeared."
  • "I don't always have to be preoccupied about my lungs."
  • "I do not cough anymore." "I do not have headaches anymore." "One gets sore throats less often.
The advantages of quitting smoking for your health:
  • In stopping smoking, you immediately lower the associated critical risks to your health. Whatever your age or state of health, it is NEVER too late to quit smoking.
  • People who have quit smoking before the age of 50 cut in half their risk of dying in the next fifteen years, as compared to those who continue to smoke.
  • Women who quit smoking before becoming pregnant or at the beginning of their pregnancy reduce the risks to the child and to themselves.
  • Parents who stop smoking reduce the risks of respiratory diseases for their children (asthma, infections, etc.), in addition to the risks of sudden infant death (SIDS).
  • If you have already a disease caused by tobacco, stopping smoking reduces the risks of complications of this disease.


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