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Third and Fourth Hand Cigarette Smoke and The Pathology of Smoking

Second (2nd) hand smoke is the most commonly known however the residues of cigarette toxins, as well, have long lasting impact. They are known as third and fourth hand smoke.

Third (3rd) hand smoke is the chemical off-gassing from an item that has been directly affected by second (2nd) hand smoke. For example, many of the over 4000 chemical residues from combustion attach themselves to people's skin, clothing, furniture, walls, carpets, car interiors, anything at all that the smoke connects with.

Smokers also emit these chemicals from their skin, as the skin is the largest organ of elimination of wastes in the body, next to the lungs, liver and kidneys. Massage therapists who are aware can attest, when they give massage therapy to a smoker, their hands often carry the scent of cigarettes for days on end, and some even get sick from it.

Fourth (4th) hand smoke then, is the transfer of 3rd hand smoke from these items or the physical skin itself via touch to and from another person or item, again transferring the chemicals onward.

Does the mother who smokes change her clothing, wash her hands and brush her teeth after each cigarette before again touching her child? If she does, she is limiting a certain level of 4th hand smoke transfer, however, it is still off-gassing from her own body and breath, so it will never be nil.

One cannot make their body a toxic soup of chemicals and not leach them from said body. Understanding some basic physiology and chemistry can help someone understand how the body expresses to heal and will blow off unwanted material through the common elimination routes.

As smoking is a drug addiction, one must understand the psychology of the drug addicted mindset. Many smokers will excuse their behaviour by saying they do not smoke around children or in the house or car however, they conveniently ignore the other toxic residues they create by their very action of imbibing in the act, then sitting on a couch, getting into their car, touching other people, etc.

Smokers also make excuses as to not feel guilty about their addiction by becoming easily offended at those who point out the truth and facts, just like any ego who refuses to take self-responsibility for their actions.

Often they will say they have a right to smoke because it is a free world. However, pardon the pun, this is a smokescreen for deeper pathology.

It is important also to understand that this is not a free world. Most of the world is under a debt slave system which gives the illusion of choice when really people are dictated to by corporate agenda altering people's free thought via influencing their emotional, sexual, social and commercial activities and choices. Peer pressure, bullying (from both adults and children), and a whole host of societal pressures lead to anxiety disorders, isolation, working poverty and more can all drive people to smoke cigarettes as a poor form of self-medication, stress management or emotional dulling, yet they think they made this decision to become addicted 'freely'. 

There is often a deep grief (in Traditional Chinese Medicine the lungs are the seat of grief) that the sucking back action of smoking suppresses. As well, there are secondary emotional challenges they are avoiding or suppressing for fear of the pain of releasing their emotion and accepting their mistakes lovingly. Guilt is another common suppressed/avoided emotion.

It is quite a tragedy of our culture, who's emotional intelligence is often stagnated by personal or group unresolved trauma, as well as a lack of learned skills to self heal and manage emotions, within a defunct medical system that not only applauded smoking back in the day (as MDs are mere tools of the corporate agenda), but offers no care or effective support to help people with emotional or mental challenges other than drugging (suppressing) them further or using worthless talk therapy.

Another avoidance behaviour/excuse made by the addicted controlled mind is that those around them have not been made sick by their addiction so it must be alright for them to both, do it, and potentially expose others. Again, this is a flaw of clear thought and logic, commonly seen with other addictions like to junk food or alcohol, that if the person does not fall ill or die immediately, directly, overtly, blatantly, outright & observably, then there is no negative effect. They are 'fine'.

As health deterioration is caused by many consistent assaults and from multiple sources over time, the effects to an untrained eye can be labelled as 'fine'. However, as the medically educated and holistically trained know, the body is constantly having to detox and balance environmental assaults: vaccines, oxidative stress (free radicals), parasites, pathogens, pollution from food, air, water, plastics, chemicals, nuclear radiation, electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), chemtrails, etc., that once the body's own immune system fails at this task, disease takes hold and builds.

People properly trained in observable physiology and/or TCM can easily see signs of illness before they become clinical. Tongue and pulse diagnoses for example, or doing basic nervous system tests, as well, taking a full case history to uncover long standing fatigue, arthritis, back pain, sluggish digestion, weight issues: symptoms that people just accept as normal, etc., can highlight where the body is struggling and what needs to be done to prevent full scale chronic disease. Living vibrantly is becoming less and less known...whilst just 'getting by' is labelled as fine because they aren't in a wheelchair or dead. It's erroneous logic at best.

Anyone who has their nasal receptors in working order (non-smokers generally as smokers usually have their taste/scent receptors damaged and blocked by chemical residues as well as their livers overwhelmed which controls scent sensitivity) can notice the distinct aroma of cigarettes on items or people who have smoked recently, hours previously or even a long while ago, as the half-life of many of these chemicals can be quite long.

I often recommend that smokers switch out 'their brand', which they are loyal to due to the addiction to the specific additives unique to that brand, and grow or find locally grown, non-sprayed, unaltered tobacco leaves to smoke while their body detoxes the thousands of chemicals stored in them and on them.

Heavy metals will need to be chelated actively (bentonite and zeolite clays are great for this), some chemicals are stored in the body indefinitely unless sought after, a healthy food plan, juicing, emotional support, journal writing, and ultimately, a full lifestyle change are the next steps to smash the habit for good.

Tobacco was used respectfully by the First Nations to aid in calm communication with other tribes and to bring people together, to work together in cooperation and to honour and protect mother earth. It was never habitually abused and laced with additives. Now tobacco is a sign of a dysfunctional society, emotional isolation, disrespect to self, others and the earth, as well as being ostracized and damaged.

To witness a person unconsciously smoking, leaving a trail of smoke behind them, careless to anyone who may breathe in that toxic cocktail, then flick the filter onto the road or sidewalk that takes decades to biodegrade, that kills fish and other wildlife, that further pollutes the water and the earth, highlights complete disrespect for life itself. It is a true illness, one that doesn't need laws or mandates to halt, it needs support, proper programs and love to cure. 

It's time for self-love, it's time for self-forgiveness, it's time for self-healing, it's time for self-responsibility. There is true help available.

Due to lack of self love, smokers set themselves up to be judged by others who wish for themselves or their loved ones not to be polluted by 2nd, 3rd or 4th hand smoke. Many people have chemical sensitivities and a small whiff of residue can lead to nausea, headaches, or other negative symptoms. Others simply wish to not have to breathe in someone else's chemicals. Many get sore throats even from a small exposure. It is a birthright to have the choice to breathe fresh air. It is not a birthright to be able to pollute other people. This leads to outright disdain for smokers, fueling hatred as well as psychic attacks. People who love themselves would not set themselves up in this way.

Just like all plant medicine, tobacco has it's proper place in ceremony, as one of the four directions (along side cedar, sweet grass and sage). It also has healing benefits when used correctly, for healing catarrh and other ailments.

May it find it's proper place once again.

May all come home to the truth of their light.

May all beings be released from suffering.


Amandha Dawn Vollmer holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge. She graduated from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2008. She is a powerful healer, teacher, wildcrafter and alchemist, using nutrition, education, reiki, spiritual and vibrational awareness to assist many people in ridding themselves of suppressive drugs & serious health imbalances.

She is mompreneur and owner of Yummy Mummy Emporium, a brick & mortar and online store supplying environmentally sound products for the holistic family, handcrafting, using her vast skill sets, natural body care products, such as natural toothpastes, deodorants, creams, salves, healthy bug deterrents, wildcrafted teas, essential oils/aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, colloidal silver, professional supplements and more. She gives natural healing sessions using nutrition, supplements & reiki, in person or distance. She is also a registered Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, holding regular training classes.

Please visit her at and on her facebook page


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